She observed him for a moment, reminding herself of not being too harsh with her words -as she has been for the last few months-. ”You’re paler.” She finally replied. ”You need to come over to my new place. Fresh air will be good for you.”


             His eyes slowly lift from the ground, guilt melding into slight confusion. She should still be mad at him, she should still be angry. After all, he’s broken his promises to her countless of times only to return without an excuse. He doesn’t deserve her understanding nor sympathy, and yet he she was, showing more worry and care for him like a prodigal son that’s returned. 

             Cloud averts his eyes from her, they reveal too much of himself and he feels self conscious now that’s she’s noticed his pale pallor. "New place…?" he mumbled, "You moved?" There’s probably a lotta other things he’s got to catch up to.

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

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//hugs so much

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Slaps luck!






Concept artist Feng Zhu's ideas for what a HD remake of FFVII could look like. (The last 2 aren't actually watermarked as FFVII but I added them anyway :D) Here’s some info on the artist.

  1. Midgar District
  2. Cosmo Canyon
  3. Rocket Town
  4. (Possible end-game Midgar)
  5. (The Haunted House at the Golden Saucer)

Ohh! These are so cool!

Imma just leave this here: Jordan Grimmer’s Final Fantasy 7 reimagined

The Nibelheim Reactor



”It’s the same thing, over and over again.” She looked down, avoiding his gaze. ”You just go and when you come back it’s always “sorry”.”


            His brows further creased, forgetting the dull pain he’s just procured from her. It’s nothing compared to the the worry and abandonment he must’ve made her feel after all these months of being gone. Cloud closed his eyes, taking in the guilt. "…’Guess I got no excuse huh." he said quietly, then after a pause. "M’not goin’ anywhere… not this time."



 Well… would you look at that~ The chocobo has returned for his feather~ ” 
Grabs onto Cloud and doesn’t let go.

             Takes a heaving sigh as he’s grabbed onto. "…Don’t—"

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”Ohhh I know what you’re going to say!”

            He’s still wincing from that punch in the rib, clutching his arm around his middle. "—you do…?"

hallothien whispered:

"*kicks ankle"

          He holds up a hand, “Aerith please listen…”

hallothien whispered:

"*punches ribs"


hallothien whispered:

"*pulls arm"

           ”….Aerith I can explain—”

hallothien whispered:

"*pouts at"


strifexcloud whispered:

"/returns deflated blitzball here."


Now he’s heart broken..


          “Sorry… had an accident.”

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"[ text ] Hey! It's been awhile, Cloud. I'm thinking about dropping by. Will you be around?"


[ ✉ To: Rinoa ]
RE: Hey! ...

Can't promise anything.
If your lucky, I might be in
See you then.