blasteredged whispered:

"[ text ] Hey! It's been awhile, Cloud. I'm thinking about dropping by. Will you be around?"


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RE: Hey! ...

Can't promise anything.
If your lucky, I might be in
See you then.

"This time, I won’t let you forget."

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[casually hugs from behind] “…..!!!!!!!!!!!”


          He jerks forward at the momentum of the pounce, though Cloud manages to stay up right and support the weight of the other blond. His shoulders gently trembled, the only indication of a chuckle, and soon a soft smile curves at the corners of the swordsman’s lips. "Hn… n’here I thought there was no one here left."

…Is there even a place..

                       where I can come home to?


❝ Mother has given me a very special gift.
The power to fight… against a planet that torments humanity! ❞

(A mix dedicated to Mother’s favorite boy.)




Come have a drink or two and listen some smooth Jazz versions of your favorite tracks from the Final Fantasy series.

I Prelude - Risa Ohki • X Groove To Zanarkand • VII 7th Heaven Bar [Theme of FFVII]• VIII Eyes on Me [Japanese voc.] • IV Theme of Love ~Swing Style~ • V Music Box~My Home, Sweet Home • VII Flower Funk [Aerith's Jazz Theme] • VI Johnny C. Bad ~ Arena Song • III Eternal Wind [Love Will Grow] • IV Theme Of Love [Saxophone] • IX Boss Battle (Big Band Jazz Remix) • XIII Pulse de Chocobo • VI Decisive Battle Jazz Piano Arrangement • Bonus Track


So don’t you fret.



Jump attacks.

"——!" Muffled protest.






the49thname asked you: Cloud or Squall?
Cloud Strife



             Another chuckle as she takes a step back to allow him to move. She hadn’t meant to burst into his room, but she had figured he’d be awake by now. He must have had a late night delivery. 

                        “Well I came here to invite you to breakfast!”


                The blond made a face, probably a wince from the perkiness of her voice. We can’t all be sunshine and rainbows in the mornings. He was just feeling a bit grumpy.

                Cloud tries to make himself look decent before he steps out of bed, then mutters a quick, ”Thanks,” as he walks past her, his footsteps sluggish and dragging.



              Chuckles and ruffles his hair. "Someone’s still half asleep!"

           Like a bird getting its feathers ruffled, the blond grunts, sleepily pouts, then tries shake her hand away. He sits up, stretches his back and hurries to put a shirt on.

“‘More or less,” he says through a yawn.



                “Good morning.”

                       Mumbles something in coherent… "m’rning.."